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Oak Grove High School

3507 Midway School Road | Winston-Salem, NC 27107 phone Phone: 336-474-8280 phone Fax: 336-474-8285
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Student Services


Becky Fisher

AIG Representative

9th grade academics

Diabetic Care Manager

MTSS Representative

SIT Team Representative



Heather Prior

10th grade academics

504 Coordinator

Homebound Coordinator

MTSS Team Representative

Return to Learn (concussion) Coordinator


Amy Kearns

11th  grade academics

(Mrs. Kearns is at OGHS on Tuesdays/Thursdays)


Welcome to Oak Grove High School Student Services! 

We are looking forward to getting to know all of our students and working towards a successful 1st year at OGHS. This if year if you are a 9th grade student with any academic concerns Mrs. Fisher will be your counselor.  If you are are a 10th grade student  with any academic concerns Mrs. Prior will be your counselor.  Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Prior are happy to talk about personal, social issues with any student. Mrs. Michael is our administrative assistant and she will help you make appointments to see Mrs. Fisher or Mrs. Prior. Mrs. Michael will also be handling any transcript request. 


Oak Grove High School

To cultivate students committed to excellence, global relevance, and productive citizenship.


Oak Grove High School Counseling Department’s vision

The vision of the Oak Grove High School student services department is to help student seek challenging learning opportunities that will lead to global relevance by providing a comprehensive school counseling program that is data-driven.

Oak Grove student services department will provide support in academic achievement, personal/social development and post-secondary planning.


Oak Grove School Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a standard of excellence by:

fostering valuable partnerships with community stakeholders.

engaging, empowering, and motivating all students to perform with an innovative mindset.

inspiring informed global perspectives.

cultivating well-rounded citizens with strong positive character.


Oak Grove High School Counseling Department Mission

The Oak Grove High School student services department will collaborate with students, parents, staff members and other stakeholders to provide resources, support and opportunities for all students.

Oak Grove students will be able to use the skills and knowledge with confidence in decisions to become productive members of society.