Calvin Keller

Hello students and parents/guardians,
          My name is Calvin Keller and I am a member of the Oak Grove High School Science Department. I am originally from West Virginia and have lived in North Carolina since 2002.  I attended High Point University where I earned my Bachelor and Master Degrees.  I have 8 years experience teaching in the college setting and am currently starting my 8th year teaching with Davidson County Schools. In addition to teaching Earth Science, Physical Science, and Sports Medicine, I am an assistant coach for the football team and an Athletic Trainer for all spring sports.  I look forward in working with the students of OGHS and want to help each of them to strive towards success. 
         In Earth and Environmental Science Honors we will study the earth and the  impact that humans have on the earth.
         In Sports Medicine we will study the profession of Athletic Training and learn skills related to the profession.
Class Schedule:
1st-  Physical Science
2nd- Sports Medicine 1
3rd-  Earth/Environmental Science
4th-  Plan


  • Check email daily
  • Check canvas announcements daily
  • Participate in class each day by completing:

o   Notes

o   Left side of interactive notebook Activity

o   Aligned NC Standards

o   Daily ticket out the door

  • Review unit long assignments to ensure completion by due date: discussion boards, open quizzes, major grade projects
  • Use office hours to get any help you may need
  • Submitted work should be original content.
Important dates, including test and quiz dates, will be posted on Canvas and will be found on using the Announcements tab as well as the Calendar Tab.
You can contact me by email through the canvas app, school email or by phone at 336-474-8280. 
Office Hours: Wednesday 1:15-2:15 PM
                      Monday 5:30-6:50 PM
Grading procedures and classroom expectations and procedures can be found on the syllabus links below.
Quizlet for vocabulary: