Senior Information 2022-2023

Welcome Seniors!
This page was designed especially for you to provide resources and information to support you through your senior year.  Please check this page often as we will post all necessary information here!
Mrs. Pendry and Mrs. Miller will be working hard to make sure Oak Grove's graduation is memorable for all involved. In order for that to happen, it is important that ALL students follow the rules of graduation that are stated throughout the year.  If you have any questions, please see one of us or email us at [email protected] or [email protected].  We will try to respond as quickly as possible. 
Parent and Early Graduate Contact Form c/o 2023
Parents, if you would like to receive all the information handed out to your senior, please fill out the form below.  Everytime we email seniors or meet with them, we will send you the information too! Please fill out the form for each email address where you wish to receive information.  
Early graduates you need to fill out this form as your school email will be deleted in the middle of January.  It is very important that you do this, otherwise we will have no way to keep you updated all senior activities!  Make sure you fill it out with a personal email!
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**All information will be sent to your school supplied emails.  Please do not fill out the form to receive information to a school email account.  

Graduation Attire (Dress code):

All seniors must meet the following expectations to participate in Awards Day and Graduation.  

    • Boys must wear black dress pants (no jeans), black socks, black dress shoes and black tie (NO BOW TIES), white button up shirt (Short or Long sleeve)
    • Girls must wear a plain dress or skirt/shirt that can NOT be seen through the gown and ALL black shoes!  (Dress/Skirt cannot hang below the gown)
  • Only school sponsored cords and stoles are allowed.  Don’t order things that come in the mail from outside the school as you will not be allowed to wear them at graduation.
**This page will be updated as needed, so please check back often!