Fall Semester 2020:
1.  Sign up for Remind (see below for code)
2.  Access Canvas for all information
You should be working on your assignments DAILY!!
Parents:  Feel free to sign up for Remind!  Also, if you would like me to sign you up as a Parent Observer for our Canvas course, please email me at kpendry@davidson.k12.nc.us and I will set it up.
Fall 2020 Classes
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1st Period Discrete Math Honors:  @3bcdhk
2nd Period Foundations of Math 1:  @gh7c434 
4th Period Introduction to Statistics:  @d6d32b
Fall 2020 Basic Supplies needed for all classes
(More specific info will be given out August 17-21 during Orientation Week)
Required items:  3 Ring Binder with pockets...2 inch minimum
Tab Dividers
Loose Leaf Notebook Paper
** I strongly suggest you purchase your own TI 84+ Graphing Calculator
(Email me if you have any questions)
Optional items:  
Colored Pencils
Colored Pens
Sticky Notes
Classroom Wish List (I appreciate any of these items that you're willing to donate to us!)
Loose Leaf Notebook Paper
AAA Batteries 
Expo Markers (both regular and thin)
If you need extra practice on any concept, remember to check out your Canvas Course!!